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Pago Pago

Tisa's Tattoo Festival 2011

10/28/2011 - 00:00
10/30/2011 - 23:59

Don't miss the annual Tattoo Festival at Tisa's Barefoot Bar at Alega Beach. Hosted by Tisa, herself, this is one of the most publicized annual events in American Samoa. Tattoo artists from abroad and from American Samoa showcase their skills and share their experiences in this once a year event.

Read about it at Frommer's Travel Guide site:

Or go to Tisa's web site:

The Story of Goat Island, Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa

The story of Goat Island is an unsettled one. Some people believe that it was named because it was shaped like a goat. This one is easy enough to dispel because an old map of the harbor definitely shows Goat Island, and it wasn't shaped like a goat. Not in the slightest.

The most credible cause for the name was the presence of a "goat" on the island, along with the Officer's Club and so on. Navy personnel that I've spoken to from that time period confirm the presence of a goat. Great, but where did that goat come from?

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