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 The spectacular view from the Lodge as it overlooks Larson's Cove to the west.Larson's Cove View From Lodge | Photo by: J.D. HallOutside of the commercialized lanes. Off the beaten track. That's how we've been described before. Sitting above the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Vaitogi cliffs over Larson's Cove, the Turtle & Shark Lodge is a destination all it's own.

We provide some of the best accommodations at the most affordable price, at a location that offers gorgeous sunsets, a landmark blowhole, fishing, and hikers' access to a secluded, tropical beach deep within the cove.

In the evenings, when the sun begins its downward set, the fruit bats come out in large numbers and fly around the Lodge, further adding to the feeling of a natural, pleasant paradise. Having grown up with all of this, we are pleased to share our location with our guests, and some of the stories and legends of the area.

The Turtle & Shark Lodge

Fogama'a Beach: Photo by: J.D. HallFogama'a Beach: Photo by: J.D. Hall

The Turtle & Shark Lodge by Larson's Cove is currently unavailable for bookings. Please visit our Vacation Rentals web site to book another property.

The lodge is located in the beautiful U.S. Territory of American Samoa. American Samoa is located just 14° South of the Equator, and one time zone west of Hawaii, approximately the same distance from Hawaii as Hawaii is from California. A four to five hour flight.

The Turtle & Shark Lodge is edged on two sides by water, with the Pacific Ocean to the South, and Larson's Cove to the West. With a great view, comfortable facilities, and an excellent, secluded location, the Turtle & Shark Lodge is perfect for the business traveler, as well as for the casual tourist seeking a warm and familiar home-like place where they can kick off their shoes and enjoy a moment of rest and respite.

Larson's Cove Reef: Photo by Daniel BarshisLarson's Cove Reef: Photo by Daniel Barshis

The lodge is named after the local legend of the Turtle & Shark, and while there are many versions of the legend, they all agree on one thing, and that is the location where the Turtle & Shark can be called and seen. This special place is located at the very start of the road that leads back to the lodge.

To the South and West of the lodge, the Pacific Ocean's blue waves crash on high rocky cliffs. Blowhole: Photo by Roy Hall Jr.Blowhole: Photo by Roy Hall Jr.Just visible from the cove side of the lodge are the beaches of Larson's Cove. The lodge is only a half hour hike from the beaches.

Just in front of the lodge is a lookout over the blow hole. Grab a chair during high tide and sit outside and feel the rumble of the ocean just before the blow hole erupts. When the blow hole is active during a particularly high tide, it can be seen to be throwing water more than 50 feet high, and often quite a bit higher.